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laughing my ass off - Funny Instant Messenger Conversations
April 4th, 2004
06:06 am


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laughing my ass off
Me: walmart furniture should come with a complimentary midget to put the shit to together
Kristena: like the shoe makers elves
Me: yea they can just come in the the night like little oompa loompa ninja midgets and put the shit together
Kristena: man it would suck to be a midget.. but how would they move the furniture into place. i mean they can't even move their own furniture.
Me: maybe midget furniture.
Kristena: what if a midget goes to a bar and there are no tables? and they have to sit on a stool? how would they get up?
Me: thats why they travel in packs.
Kristena: or maybe they make their own little midget ladder

*both of us think of little midgets doing acrobatics*

*no midgets were harmed during the making of this conversation and we were total sober.. and that my friend.. is sad

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